version: 7.31.20131017
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Security Update. This update closes a hole that hackers could use to gain access to your server.

The help on the toolbar now opens a video tutorial viewer. Each tool on the user's toolbar has a video tutorial that can be played in that viewer. The videos are hosted on our server. The video tutorials are also available from the admin login.

This update adds a button to the admin login to open an Admin Manual

This update makes the editor compatible with Internet Explorer 9. In addition, if text files are mistakenly uploaded via FTP in binary mode, the editor can now read those files.

This update adds an auto-login feature. A URL such as|password|/folder/index.html will log the username into edit the file/editor/test.html automatically.

This update allows preservation of full http urls in image tags. After the update, you need to add $full_urls=1; to edit.cgi on a line above the ######## line to activate the feature.

This update adds a field named Default File Name to the Site Setup. The value of the field needs to be the file name of your website's home page. This allows you to edit without having the name of the file in the URL.