version: 7.31.20131017
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Download Auto-Installer

Auto-Installer Instructions
Auto-Installer will install a shareware version of EditWrxLite. The shareware version is fully functional. The shareware version will display a random alert that the software is not licensed until the installation is licensed.
  1. Download and unzip
  2. FTP to the home folder of your domain (the folder containing your home page)
  3. Create a folder named "editor" at
  4. Upload install_EditWrxLite.cgi to the editor folder
    1. On Linux/Apache give install_EditWrxLite.cgi 755 permissions
    2. On Windows/IIS give script execution permissions to the domain (screenshot)
    3. You should not need to edit paths or URLs on edit.cgi for Linux/Apache installs
    4. On Windows you will need to edit SMTP variables on edit.cgi if you will email form submissions
  5. Access in your browser
    (If you get a server error on Linux/Apache, upload .htaccess to the editor folder)
  6. The installer will install all of the EditWrxLite files
  7. The installer will configure to run EditWrxLite at
    1. If you want to run EditWrxLite in another folder, simply rename the "editor" folder
    2. If you run EditWrxLite in another folder, adjust the $imgs_folder_URL variable in editor.cgi
    3. If you want to rename "edit.cgi", simply rename the file
    4. If you do either of the above, adjust the src virtual url in JavaScript tags for Login Prompts
  8. The installer will require you to submit a password for the "admin" user
  9. The installer will create a test page at
  10. At the end of the installer process you can login to edit.cgi as "admin" to fine-tune the configuration and add editing users.

Free Installation
If you have problems with the installer, please submit a request for us to install EditWrxLite at no charge.
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