version: 7.31.20131017
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The PRO version of EditWrx is available at

The PRO version is intended for design studios who wish to rebrand the software and market it under their own brand.
The PRO version contains numerous features not found on the Lite version:
  • Support for a user to edit only within a folder tree
  • Image-Magick resizing of images
  • Embedding image galleries
  • Embedding Flash video
  • Embedding thumbnail gallery to open Flash videos
  • Style formatting of content - Lite uses HTML tag formatting
  • A built-in site search utility
  • Author-Publisher type WebDAV versioning control
  • Forms submission with Captcha feature - Lite does not include Captcha

The EditWrx version 6 is no longer offered. If you purchased a Developer KEY and still want to install Version 6 and use that KEY to generate Domain Licenses, use this manual install zip for new installations.