version: 7.31.20131017
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What browsers are supported?

Does my version 6 Developer KEY work for generating Domain Licenses for EditWrxLite (7)?
No. EditWrxLite & EditWrxPro are different from the old EditWrx6. EditWrxLite has it's own licensing and EditWrxPro has it's own licensing, and neither can be generated by the old Developer KEY.

Where are the Cut-Copy-Paste icons?
On your right mouse menu. Phishing and hacking sites have made doing Cut-Copy-Paste with JavaScript a security risk. Explorer requires responding to a security alert, and FireFox has simply disabled Cut-Copy-Paste through JavaScript (this week anyhow). Since EditWrxLite does not make use of a proprietary right mouse menu, Cut-Copy-Paste is where they've always been, on your right mouse menu.

Is EditWrxLite compatible with EditWrx and EditWrxPro?
Editblocks, Includeblocks and Excludeblocks prepared for EditWrx and EditWrxPro will work in EditWrxLite. EditWrxLite uses ONLY class names. However, Login Prompts on pages will continue to point to the other program instead of EditWrxLite. You can easily fix that by renaming the EditWrxLite folder and file to match the url in those Login Prompt src values. For example, if your Login Prompt src url is "/editwrx/wrx.cgi", then rename the default EditWrxLite /"editor" folder to "/editwrx" and rename the default EditWrxLite "edit.cgi" to "wrx.cgi".